Safety Health & Environment Policy

Safety, Health & Environment is an aspect of corporate world which emphasize safety and health of the employees along with striving for the welfare of workforce. It involves developing a systematic approach towards managing waste and complying with environmental regulation. Employees from various departments of a company comprise to a definitive formation of matrix that address the successful implementation of such standards. HSE also protect customers, visitors and many others who might be affected by the workplace environment. ILO and WHO jointly identified and defined the concept as follows:


The maintenance and promotion of worker’s health and working capacity.


The improvement of working environment and work to become conducive to safety and health.


Development of work organizations and working cultures in a direction which supports health and safety at work and in doing so also promotes a positive social climate and smooth operation and may enhance productivity of the undertakings.


It involve many subjects such as:


Occupational Medicine

Public Health Occupational Hygiene

Safety Engineering 

Environmental Protection