“We Want to make our customers and our people more successful, every year”

SGC is driven to revolutionize the industry and make its customers better off with availability of materials, right services and new technologies. Thinking ahead of time is the only way we should operate our business as before. There are many areas of rapid changes; new types of commercial graphics, security films and automotive materials, new equipment’s, inks and LEDs. Our target is to make all the portfolios approachable for our channel of over 1500 buyers. The major challenge to achieve this benchmark is to ensure we have a committed supply chain process, valued resources, timely consumer engagement activities and above all the passion to do more,

My message to the commercial graphic industry and the end-users would be to move toward excellence by creating industry standards and delivering a complete suite of services by focusing on quality alone. Only that’s how we can mutually benefit each other and the industry can look forward towards sustainable growth in the years to come. SGC feels a responsibility to ensure objective strength and best-in-class solutions for everyone. Our intimate access to the end-consumers leverage us with valuable feedback that can be used in carrying our overall strategy. Our goals give us the realization to provide users with the right products through which they can innovate solutions from the end-consumer. SGC will keep the industry moving through its unique service level, committed team and ensuring availability of existing portfolios of specialty products and much more. I would be striving to support your business in every possible way.


Zaheer Ud Din Babar
Chief Executive Officer.