Sabri Glass Cast Acrylic

Sabri Acrylic is renowned for Sabri Glass
series that offer excellent impact strength and has
a good stretch resistance. Yet it is light in weight and easy
to handle. Sabri Glass - Cast Acrylic sheet is a top quality
acrylic sheet with a high gloss finish that offers a combination
of excellent optical clarity and weather standing at only half
weight of the glass. Our standardized production and quality
controls ensure high consistent premium quality products.


Lighter, Tougher, and Better than Glass, with all the Good Qualities of Glass. Acrylic is the perfect replacement for traditional glass with more color and size options. Easier to cut, fit and place, it is the unbreakable glass for all your needs in an ending list of varieties. Sabri provides cast Acrylic Sheets of various types like Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet, Coloured Acrylic sheets, Tinted Acrylic Sheet, Mirror Acrylic Sheet, prismatic acrylic sheet, and much more.


  • Signage
  • Retail Displays
  • Exhibitions
  • Construction
  • Architecture & Interiors
  • Lighting
  • Healthcare
    • Size

      4 x 6 ft

      4 x 8 ft

      2 x 3 mtr


      1x6 mm

      1 to 10mm

      3 to 10mm


      Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, White,Blue,Ivory,Red,Purple,Brown,Grey

      Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, White,Blue,Ivory,Red,Purple,Brown,Grey

      Red, white, Black, Yellow,Blue


      1. Can be used in a wide range of applications.
      2. Stronger and lighter than glass
      3. Harsh weather resistant
      4. Can be easily thermofomed
      5. Long lasting making it cost effective