Sabri PVC Board

Sabri PVC Board offers several benefits over wood, in terms of attributes
and cost. Having consistent cell structure and bond strength helps
Sabri PVC Board score this edge. Sabri PVC Board can be attached
to each other or wood/laminates/veneers to render additional strength
and thickness if your application demands so.

Sabri UV-Series

PVC board is a human created substance which is light weighted, rigid, better in quality and more durable than its natural substitutes. PVC Foam board material is anti-corrosive, eco-friendly and nontoxic. it has versatile features and wide spectrum of commerical and non-commercial applications. The commercial usages commonly includes digital and UV printing, laminating, vinyl lettering & signage. it is also used for varied range of indoor and outdoor construction applications in home & office buildings like false ceiling, wall  paneling, pool decking, shuttering, pre-fabricated houses, furniture, partitions, stylish kitchens, Bathroom doors and vanities etc. It would not be wrong to say that this invention has helped us alleviate the way we live, consume, build and grow.


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